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About Me

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Bonnie Ronstrom

I’m a certified life coach, victim’s advocate, and pastoral counselor. My passion is to walk toward healing with those harmed by toxicity, narcissism, and spiritual abuse. I provide virtual, trauma-informed coaching, Christian counseling (non-medical), and consulting services.


This FREE 30-minute phone call is a relaxed and effective way to meet each other and explore if we are a good fit to work together toward your goals.

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Free consults are for adults who are exploring working together regularly. If you want some support or guidance about a particular situation, you can schedule a FAST PASS appointment HERE 

What if none of the times on the scheduler work for me?

Please try to make one of the appointment times on the scheduler work. If this isn’t possible for you, please contact me and I will work with you to find another time. 

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