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Do you feel like you just can’t do this anymore?

Have you been endlessly Googling or watching videos to stop the pain and figure out what to do?

Has all the information helped, yet you’re still struggling?

Do you have questions about what to do in your unique situation?

Do you feel stuck and alone and unable to get out of a relentless cycle of pain and confusion?

If so, you are not alone.

We all get to the point in our healing that we need personalized support that blends what we already know with our own unique situation.

We all need…

our hope restored, encouragement to continue on healing, answers, validation, useful ideas, consistent support, calming tools that actually work to ease the aftershocks of abuse, ways to get around roadblocks, and to know exactly what steps to take to transform our lives so that we can live a fulfilling life of purpose.

If you’re ready to have someone who is on your side to guide you through the recovery process so you can go from just existing to living a deeply fulfilling life of purpose, let’s talk.


I’d loved the chance to get to know you and explore walking every step of the way until you recover, and even after.

If you’re ready, schedule a FREE call, and let’s talk.

It won’t include a sales pitch or any pressure on you. It’s simply a time for you to ask questions, share your situation (if you want), and explore how working with me can help you heal.

What is Spiritual Abuse?

Spiritual abuse is a form of psychological and emotional abuse that occurs when a spiritual authority seeks to control and manipulate others for their own advantage.   It can occur in families, churches, ministries, groups, schools, cults, movements, and any other relationship where the victim perceives the abuser to be in a position of spiritual authority.  

Spiritual abuse frequently occurs in faith-based programs, organizations, or movements where high levels of toxicity and narcissism are present in one or more individuals in positions of influence.   When there is one or more leaders with strong narcissistic characteristics, they can then create an entire network of members who are actively or passively involved in the abusive system. Other times groups can have beliefs and an organizational structure that are highly attractive to abusive individuals

I specialize in providing trauma-based recovery services for those who have experienced spiritual abuse. 

While certainly not everyone associated with these organizations and movements are spiritually abusive, their organizational structure, function, use of Scripture, or training methods, can make them very appealing to spiritually abusive and narcissistic individuals (“The Spiritual Narcissist”).  These organizations can provide them with the perfect hunting grounds to not only find individuals in a vulnerable state (hurting, away from home, wanting to belong, looking for hope or healing, ect.), but the organization’s structure may help to conceal their nefarious goals.

Find Hope. Find Help. Find Healing.

Have you realized just how deeply you have been impacted by spiritual abuse?  

Maybe you aren’t yet sure if what you are experiencing is abuse but you’re starting to consider this possibility.

Are you overwhelmed, questioning everything, and feeling unsure of what to do next?

Are you struggling with intense feelings of fear, anxiety, and isolation?

Maybe you have reached out for help before, only to be given answers that don’t seem to apply to your situation at all and leave you feeling more helpless, misunderstood, and alone.

The immense impacts can leave even the strongest individuals struggling to survive. 

If any of this resonates with you, I want you to know that your reactions are normal.  

I also want you to know that you CAN find freedom and heal. 

Do you question if that is even possible?

If so, that’s ok.  You don’t have to figure it all out on your own.  I’ll walk with you ever step of the way for as long as it’s helpful for you.  

One-on-one support is designed to give you the safe space you need to catch your breath, sort things out, and find much-needed peace in your life. There’s no pressure. You’ll receive lots of support, validation, helpful information, gentle encouragement, and a roadmap that will guide you to overcoming spiritual abuse.

You’ll start to feel better as you better understand what is happening and learn how to move forward. You’ll discover ways to manage the intense impacts of spiritual abuse, find connection and stability, and develop the skills and confidence you need to move forward.

Choose Between Recovery Coaching & Pastoral Counseling

What will working with you give me?

  • Validation and understanding from someone who has been there
  • A road map to recovery with the resources and encouragement you need to get there
  • Guidance to identify and overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward with your life
  • Strategies to break the ties and obsessive thinking (addiction) 
  • Effective and enjoyable tools to calm the internal pain, stop the spinning, and find solid footing again
  • An appreciation for why your mind developed coping strategies (C-PTSD) to protect you and quite possibly even save your life
  • Strategies to let go of old coping skill that are no longer helpful in your life
  • Healthy coping strategies to ease the recovery process and manage the aftershocks
  • Resources for planning effective self-care and daily routines that will enhance your recovery goals
  • The keys to never being hooked by an abuser again

Important! Coaching, Christian counseling, and advocacy is not a replacement for medical, mental healthcare. Please see a licensed medical provider if you need mental health services such as the diagnosis and treatment of a mental illness.

Bonnie Ronstrom

Bonnie Ronstrom

I'm a certified life coach, victim's advocate, and pastoral counselor. I specialize in providing Christian, trauma-sensitive emotional, spiritual, and narcissistic abuse recovery services for individuals, churches, and Christian ministries.

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