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Are you looking for help to overcome abuse and having a Christ-centered approach is important to you?

Many abuse recovery programs look to New Age, Eastern Mysticism, or Humanistic philosophies as the keys to healing.

I believe the ultimate Healer and the only ONE who can truly fill our deepest needs is Jesus Christ.

I also know how abuse creates major spiritual difficulties. It can leave us questioning everything, even our own faith. 

Abuse can cause the meaning of love, forgiveness, grace, and other core aspects of our faith to be all tangled up with the abuse. If we experienced Christians who didn’t understand or mistreated us, it can make it hard to find and even trust there is a safe place to work out this important part of healing. 

My clients who choose Christ-Centered or Christian Coaching/Counseling want Jesus and His Word to be an integral part of their healing process.  They look to Him as their Ultimate Guide and Healer and want to follow His principles (methods) for healing found in the Bible.

I work with many clients who have experienced spiritual abuse.  The Bible and spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, confession, etc.) were weaponized and used to manipulate and control them.  

As with any solid coach, counselor, mentor, etc, my role is not to tell you what to believe, preach to you (there are preachers for that), set rules for you, or misuse the Bible to manipulate your feelings or actions.  

Jesus not only provided a path to freedom, but He reveals even the deepest parts of us that need healing.  

God doesn’t need me to try to do that work for Him. He has it covered! 

So, I leave the work of deciding what area of growth you want to focus on and how and when to you and Jesus. I trust His work in your life and believe He knows your heart, hurts, and needs far better than I. I trust Him to be the Ultimate Guide in your healing.  

I’m delighted to pray together, study relevant passages of Scripture, and discuss your spiritual journey. However, which of those we include will be entirely up to you. 

If you would like to see my Biblical training and beliefs, please check my About page and Statement of Faith page.  If you have further questions, please contact me.  

Important! Coaching, pastoral counseling (non-clinical), and advocacy is not a replacement for medical, mental healthcare. Please see a licensed medical provider if you need mental health services such as the diagnosis and treatment of a mental illness.

Bonnie Ronstrom

Bonnie Ronstrom

I'm a certified life coach, victim's advocate, and pastoral counselor. I specialize in providing Christian, trauma-sensitive emotional, spiritual, and narcissistic abuse recovery services for individuals, churches, and Christian ministries.

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