Reduced Rate Program

FULL - Waiting List Available

Currently, this program is full. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please first schedule an individual session.

During your session, you can request an application for a reduced rate on a monthly plan. Due to a high number of requests for services, a reduced rate is only given to clients who have are low income and who are ready and able to consistently commit time and energy toward healing and growth.


Reduced Rate Program F.A.Q.

Who can qualify for the reduced rate (sliding-scale) program?

The Reduced Rate Program serves clients who are ready to consistently commit time and energy toward healing and growth and currently meet the following criteria:

  • Low-Income
  • No support system or organization that will help with coaching/counseling fees.

On what services is the Reduced Rate Program available?

The reduced rate program is only available on the Monthly Plan. It is not available on single sessions or emergency services. (To learn more about the Monthly Plan, click HERE.)

Once I’m approved, how long can I be in the Reduced Rate Program?

You can be in the Reduced Rate Program for 12 weeks or less if your financial situation improves. At 12 weeks, you will need to re-apply. There is a waiting list, and I want to give as many people as possible this opportunity.

When are my payments due?

The Monthly Plan at your Reduced Rate must be paid in full one week before it expires, or you will be removed from the Reduced Rate Program the following month. 


  • Purchased Monthly Plan at your Reduced Rate: October 1
  • Renew By: October 21 (Renew one week before expiration to stay in the Reduced Rate Program)
  • Expires:  October 28

What if I’m not ready to work weekly, or I’m unable to purchase a monthly plan right now?

You might consider purchasing a single session every few weeks or as you are able.

Monthly Plan Description

Monthly Plan Benefits

  • 4 discounted sessions (about 45-50 minutes each).  The choice to talk via phone or video chat (Google Meet).
  • There are no refunds on services; however, you can reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment for sickness and emergencies.
  • The ability to schedule emergency and last minute appointments for the standard rate ($60) instead of the emergency rate ($90)
  • Ability to reserve a long-term weekly appointment time.
  • Between session email contact (with limits)

Monthly Plan Limitations and Requirements 

  • If you plan to stay on the monthly plan for more than a month, you must renew the plan 1 week before it expires to indefinitely keep your weekly appointment time.  If you are in the Reduced Rate Program, you need to renew 1 week before the Monthly Plan expires to stay in the program. If not, your space will be given to the next person on the waiting list.
  • If you let me know when you purchase the plan that you need a week off during the month, I will extend your plan expiration by one week.  If you are unable to inform me at the time of purchase, you can schedule 2 of the sessions in one week.
  • Any unused sessions will not be refunded.

Expires after 4 weeks (28 days)