Psychopathic Abuse Recovery

Trauma-Informed Services

Do you feel like you just can’t do this anymore?

Have you been endlessly Googling or watching videos to stop the pain and figure out what to do?

Has all the information helped, yet you’re still struggling?

Do you have questions about what to do in your unique situation?

Do you feel stuck and alone and unable to get out of a relentless cycle of pain and confusion?

Are you surrounded by people who buy into their sham,  don’t believe you, and maybe even think you are the crazy one?

Do you feel trapped and unable to change your situation?

If so, you are not alone.

We all get to the point in our healing that we need personalized support that blends what we already know with our own unique situation.

We all need…

support to navigate the chaos, our hope restored, encouragement to continue on healing, answers, validation, useful ideas, consistent support, calming tools that actually work to ease the aftershocks of abuse, ways to get around roadblocks, and to know exactly what steps to take to transform our lives so that we can live a fulfilling life of purpose.

If you’re ready to have someone who is on your side to guide you through the recovery process so you can go from just existing to living a deeply fulfilling life of purpose, let’s talk.


I’d loved the chance to get to know you and explore walking every step of the way until you recover, and even after.

If you’re ready, schedule a FREE call, and let’s talk.

It won’t include a sales pitch or any pressure on you. It’s simply a time for you to ask questions, share your situation (if you want), and explore how working with me can help you heal.