Extras Monthly Plan


The Monthly Plan creates an optimal environment for you to achieve significant growth and healing. This plan will give you the reliable, consistent, and supportive space you need to move beyond your pain and confusion toward deep transformation, growth, and healing. The between-session support is a powerful way to help you keep your momentum going between sessions.

How Does it Work?

It works by both of us being dedicated to you! You commit to attending weekly sessions and paying on-time, and I commit to reserving your space indefinitely, giving you a small discount, and making time for between session support. No more worrying if there will be and opening or wondering when your next session will be. If you have a question between sessions, you can get an answer. 

If the requirements are too much for you at this time, that’s alright. You can choose the single session option. 


  • 4 extra-long sessions (55 min. – give you an additional 40 min. per month)
  • The choice to talk via phone or video chat
  • Reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment.
  • Ability to schedule emergency and last minutes sessions for the standard rate ($70) instead
    of the emergency rate ($90)
  • Ability to reserve a long-term weekly
    appointment time.
  • Between session text and email support (with limits)

Cost:  $250 per month


  •  You must renew the plan 1 week before it expires to indefinitely keep your weekly appointment time.  

  • If you let me know when you purchase the plan that you need a week off during the month, I will extend your plan expiration by one week.  If you are unable to let me know at the time of purchase, you can schedule 2 of the sessions in one week.

  • Any unused sessions will not be refunded.

  • Expires after 4 weeks (28 days)