Additional Support Add-ons

If you want additional support, you can purchase a weekly add-on. The purpose of additional support is to ask brief questions, share a win, or update me on your situation. 

It’s not suitable for unpacking complex topics or wanting immediate support

Important Limitation!! 

This support is only for current clients. If you are not a current client, please schedule a FAST PASS session to get the support you need right away. 

You can purchase extra support below.


Schedule a 10-minute phone call within 24 hours.


Phone Limits: 

Short calls are offered so that you can ask a brief question, share a win, or update me on your situation. Short calls are not suitable for unpacking complex topics or managing intense triggers. Please schedule a FAST PASS appointment for those needs.



With this add-on, you can email me a longer message, and I’ll typically send a reply within 12 hours. 


Email Limits:  

Maximum of 500 words.  

Here is a free word count calculator:

Email is not suitable for unpacking complex topics or  managing intense triggers.

Between Session Support
Standard Policies and Procedures

For Regular Clients


Please only use text for urgent scheduling and time-sensitive needs. 

Example: “My video isn’t working. Can you call me instead?”


If you need to talk, you can schedule a FAST PASS session.


Feel free to email me. If your email is brief (a few sentences), I will read it and typically send a short reply within 24 hrs.

If your email is more than a few sentences, I will read it at the beginning of our next session.