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Are you a survivor of narcissistic abuse that wants to help other survivors heal?

Maybe you know and care about a survivor?

If so, I’m sure you are aware of how financially devastating narcissistic abuse can be. 

I often encounter survivors who have a deep commitment to healing, but they lack the resources to get the personalized support they need to be able to move forward.

If you would like to support a survivor by helping cover their session fees, you can donate now.


If you would like more information, please contact me.

100% of all donations go to pay for survivor’s session fees.

Thank you to those who have already donated!


In supporter's own words...

My church helped pay for my sessions. When I started counseling, I was exhausted all the time and just seemed to be spinning in circles. I spent the little money I had fighting for my kids in court. I had experience with accounting, but my brain was too foggy to work. After a few months of counseling, the fog lifted, and I was able to find a wonderful job as a bookkeeper at a local church. The financial support of other Christians allowed me to work with Bonnie. Now I pay for another survivor to be able to get the support they need. I know how helpful working with Bonnie was for me, so I know my money is going toward something that will genuinely make a difference for someone else.

J. T. Scott
Narcissistic Abuse Survivor
Our church employed a narcissistic pastor for many years. His abuse personally impacted several church leaders. Our church leadership decided to pay for these leaders to work with Bonnie. Every single one of them said it was a tremendous help. We believe it was an excellent investment of our limited resources.
Kevin S.
Church Ministry Leader

I have a family member who was a victim of narcissistic abuse. Last year he died from cancer. I believe the abuse compromised his health. I wish he would have had someone who could have walked with him and helped him get free. He left the abuser, but he never found his way out of the mental torment.  He talked to a few people, but he just felt they didn't understand. Bonnie gets it, and even though I was never a client she took the time to speak with me and explain how she helps survivors heal. I wish I could donate to more survivors at a time than just one. I sure hope other people invest in a survivor's life. My cousin who died was the kindest, most empathetic, and strongest person I know. Bonnie said to me that survivors of narcissistic abuse are some of the shiniest gems she knows. They are worth your support!

K. Morton
Family Member