60 Common Questions Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Ask

By: Bonnie Ronstrom
Willow Life Coaching and Counseling, LLC

  1. How can I stop thinking about them all the time?
  2. How did this happen?
  3. Are they a narcissist?
  4. What’s going to happen next?
  5. What should I do now?
  6. Am I crazy?
  7. How can I let go of them?
  8. What if I’m the narcissist like they say?
  9. Can I even say I’m a victim of narcissistic abuse if they haven’t been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
  10. What am I going to do now?
  11. How can I keep from getting into these types of relationships?
  12. How can I calm myself down?
  13. What do I do when nobody else would ever believe how they abuse me?
  14. What are they going to do next?
  15. What do I do if they cry and apologize?
  16. What do I do if I contacted them?
  17. Why do I feel so out of it and forgetful all the time?
  18. Why do my emotions come on so strong all of a sudden?
  19. How do I get past the guilt I feel?
  20. Why can “little” things send me into a tailspin?
  21. How do I stop living in what feels like a fog?
  22. Sometimes my mind just keeps spinning around.  How do I stop it?
  23. How do I stop a flood of conflicting and confusing thoughts and feelings?
  24. How do I know who I am?
  25. Why doesn’t anything give me much pleasure now?
  26. How do I get peace inside, so I can just live my life?
  27. How do I handle co-parenting with them?
  28. Am I just paranoid or could my friends and family be contacting me just to get information to give to the narcissist? 
  29. What do I do if this person is family?
  30. What do I do if this person is spreading lies about me?
  31. Why are so many of my friends and family siding with them against me?
  32. What do I do if they are turning my kids against me?
  33. Why do they go from nice to nasty and back again?
  34. What can I do so they won’t get so upset all the time?
  35. I’m not perfect either, so how can I expect them to be?
  36. Do they love me or care about me at all?
  37. How can I miss a person so much who treated me this way?
  38. How will I know if the changes are real this time?
  39. Will they change?
  40. Will they go back to who they used to be? 
  41. How can I stop missing this person?
  42. How can I let go of my ex?
  43. How do I move on?
  44. How can I get away when I feel too guilty to leave?
  45. How will I know if they have changed if I go “no contact?”
  46. What do I do if they are stalking me?
  47. Will they come after me if I file papers?
  48. Is it ok to go, “no contact?”
  49. How do I get them to stop contacting me?
  50. How do I break the trauma bond I have to them?
  51. Am I sinning if I leave my marriage?
  52. What do I do if my narcissistic parent is aging, and they need my help?
  53. Why is marriage counseling with them not working?
  54. How do I explain to family and friends that marriage counseling only makes things worse?
  55. How do I get over the shame I feel at a failed marriage?
  56. What do I do when people say going “no contact” shows I am bitter and haven’t forgiven them?
  57. Since I’m committed to my marriage, what can I do to help them learn how not to abuse me?
  58. What do I do if my church is siding with them against me?
  59. What do I do if everyone else thinks they are a wonderful Christian and would never believe the truth about them?
  60. Isn’t it failing to honor your parents to go “no contact” with one of them? 

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